We design and then create car bodies “made to measure”, adapted to the requirements of the transport industry, while also taking into account the law.

For the production of car bodies we use only the highest quality materials, proven system solutions that guarantee maximum comfort of use.

Thanks to the use of aluminum, we obtain the lowest possible mass.

Every building meets high standards and is controlled many times in the production process.

The open box provides free access to the transported cargo, which, with the help of transport handles and belts, safely overcomes any road.

The cabin of the car is secured with a grille, which can be retrofitted at the customer’s request; holders for fixing larger loads or reinforcements, all for individual reconciliation.

The side boards open easily, additionally equipped with a step to facilitate boarding.

The rear beam has rubber bumpers to protect against damage during parking at the loading ramp. The standard equipment also includes; wheel arches, mud flaps, side bumpers against cycling, LED lighting,

We complement the wide range of our offer with aluminum boxes, in other words, boxes for transporting, for example, long gardening tools. Each assembly team constantly needs a place to store tools, we design and create it for you.