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Mobilna ekspozycja 7 / Mobile display 7

Mobile display in the building, gives the possibility of an original presentation of products.

  • An effective key in the fight for the attention and interest of the client.
  • It can be a mobile doctor’s office, a training room for co-operators or a showroom with a display of products.
  • The functionality of the structure and the interior configuration to individual needs is a guarantee of the original display vehicle.
  • Ultralight self-supporting sandwich construction – walls, roofs, doors,
  • The top and bottom flaps form an open exhibition space
  • Electrically operated side flaps
  • One person will easily prepare an exhibition for visitors.
  • Wide stairs, stainless steel barriers
  • Rotating support legs, power supply, lighting, storage boxes, reversing camera,
  • A coffee corner separated by a wall, equipped with the necessary furniture, a place to sit.
  • Installation of equipment for multimedia presentations, TV, sound system
  • Uniform, smooth surfaces of the walls create an ideal surface for outdoor advertising that will catch your eye and interest

Mobile exhibition in the summer, in the market hall and under the ski slope, wherever potential customers are.