An isotherm or cold store is an installation for the industry, where a desired temperature is required, with the possibility of recording temperature during transport.
For the distribution of food products, confectionery, bakeries, cured meat producers, transport of medicines, flowers or vegetables, catering and catering companies.
The structure consists of walls made of sandwich panels, polyester-glass laminate in white, ensures the highest insulation parameters.

  • Self-supporting structure is a guarantee of the highest quality and the lowest possible building mass.
  • The floor is insulated, additionally covered with epoxy floor with anti-slip structure imprint or aluminum corrugated plate.
  • Aluminum intermediate frame
  • Transport rail, thanks to which the load can be easily secured with transport belts or a spreader bar.
  • A system of specialized hooks for transporting meat, half-carcases, poultry
  • In the floor, the cargo holders are equally helpful, retractable, do not occupy a valuable cargo area.
  • Closing cassette or transom doors, hinges, cassettes and bolts made of the highest quality stainless steel,
  • External fittings made of lightweight aluminum
  • Internal LED lighting, activated on the motion sensor,
  • Exterior lighting, side bumpers against cycling, wheel arches, mud flaps,
  • Additional stop light
  • Additional side doors, two-wing rear doors, lockable
  • Rubber rebates to protect the rear beam when parking at the ramp.
  • Renowned brands of refrigeration devices provide the desired temperature,
  • A streamlined spoiler complete with side deflectors or a sleeping cabin for the driver with independent heating to choose from.

Installation of loading elevators from reputable companies, trained authorized assemblers, organization of UDT testing at the production plant headquarters.

Aesthetics at the highest level.

The high resistance of the structure throughout the building ensures satisfaction with use for many years.