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Ocena ryzyka w transporcie mięsa... RZEŹNIK POLSKI

We are pleased to introduce our company, which has been operating in the automotive market for a quarter of a century and is one of the leading manufacturers of road construction of trucks with medium (depending on the brand) 15% market share in the segment of up to 3.5T DMC and 3% in DMC up to 24T.

D.A.C thanks to innovative technical solutions developed in its own design office, constant quality control process and permanent examination of the needs and preferences of vehicle users, it produces high quality buildings that meet all the conditions set out in the homologation regulations and road traffic regulations.

D.A.C caring for the optimization of the construction and equipment of the produced bodies, it performs them in accordance with the requirements of P.T.i.S. TUV, PIMOT, IMMIT, AFAQ, etc. using only materials for production are ISO 9001 certified, PZH approved attached according to the customer’s request in the building documentation.

Company history

1978 Establishment of D.A.C. in Kielce

1996 Construction and opening of a modern facility in Sukowo near Kielce

1999. Launching the production of car bodies

2000. Starting production of roof spoilers

2001. Obtaining the first certificate of approval at the Motor Transport Institute

2002. Launching the production of accessories for bodies and cars.

2003. Expansion of D.A.C in the DMC segment 3.5 T – Signing of the first contracts with importers of Aut:

  • KULCZYK TRADEX (Volkswagen)

2004 D.A.C. makes the first export of bodies.

2006. Obtaining the World Manufacturer Identification Code assigned by Przemysłowy Instytut
Automotive. – start of production of trailers and trailers

2007. Establishing cooperation with Car Research and Development Centers, Polytechnics and
Refrigeration Centers.

2008. Putting into use a modern, large-size assembly hall increasing the space
production to 5.5 thousand m2.

2009 Investments in production lines and launching sales in the following departments: Metalworking, Panels
thermal insulation, Houses, Industrial facilities.

2010 Launch of camper production

2011 Authorization together with the DAC cooperation agreement with: Reanult Polska, General Motors Polska, Isuzu
Trucks Poland

2012. Opening of seven DAC sales and service points in Europe and one in Africa

2014. Ford Poland authorization for DAC.

2019. European homologation of 2/3 axle trailers